WATER DNA Home Checkup | Water Genome DNA Series

WATER DNA Home Checkup | Water Genome DNA Series

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WATER DNA Home Checkup 

Imagine getting a DNA test for your home's water quality. We've made it easy to get a full analysis of water quality down to the tap, without ever leaving home. Once you receive a Water Genome DNA Lab Test in the mail, simply fill it up with water, mail it back, and you'll get full water profile results and a personalized water score in about a week. 

The Water Genome DNA Lab Test provides an important level of baseline water quality testing, certified by the NSF and the Water Quality Association. Test your water with this kit and receive a detailed Water Genome Report of the heavy metals found and physical properties of your household tap water. This kit includes testing for lead, copper, arsenic, hardness, and much more (total of 45 contaminants). Select based on where you live: test city water or well water. SHIPPING INCLUDED.

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