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Load image into Gallery viewer, Water Lead Test | WATER GENOME DNA SERIES
Load image into Gallery viewer, Water Lead Test | WATER GENOME DNA SERIES

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Across the United States, 6 to 10 million homes still get their water from lead service lines (LSLs) – pipes connecting the main drinking water line in the street to our homes. This is simply unacceptable and we're on a mission to eradicate lead lines in America to protect public health by mapping water quality down to the street level, but we need your help! Stop wondering if there's lead in your home's tap water and gain peace of mind knowing your water quality is safe for you and your family. 


Water Lead Test | Lab Test Details 

The Water Genome DNA Series provides laboratory testing certified by the NSF and the Water Quality Association. Test your water for lead with this kit and receive a detailed analysis of any lead found in your home's tap water. 

With our new reporting dashboard, you'll gain access to resources that will help you understand what's in your water, how water impacts health, and how you can take action to protect your family. 


This kit includes testing for:

  • Lead
  • Copper
  • pH Levels



Once you receive a Water DNA Lab Test in the mail, simply fill it up with water, mail it back, and within 7-10 days you'll receive an email with a link to access your water quality results. 

We imagine a world where you have real-time information about water quality and how it's impacting your health - now, when you need it, not after an entire community gets sick. We're building that world with our series of Home Checkup Water Quality tests - what we call the future of water - and you can help us.

Protect your health. Find out what's in your water today!

Make Informed Decisions With a
Certified Water Quality Test

What Makes Aquagenuity Unique?

Access Data and Get
Meaningful Insights

Our proprietary AquaScore™ gathers water quality data from millions of Americans, giving you access to information that can help inform your decisions. You can add to our network of information by testing your water quality.

Water Quality Solutions
For Your Home

We don’t want to just test people’s water quality; we want to offer solutions that can impact your health for the better. Along with our water quality test, we offer an Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher so you can drink water you know is safe.

The "23andME"
of Water

Our Water DNA Home Checkup provides an in-depth analysis of your water. Imagine being able to feel confident about the water you use every day to wash dishes, cook with, and clean with.

Test your home’s water and protect your health in 3 steps

Trusting us with your water quality means you’re part of something bigger. Testing your home helps protect your health and helps us map water quality down to the street level to prevent water-related health crises.

Order Your Test

All lab tests include free shipping, personalized reporting, health impact analysis, and suggested next steps

Take Your Sample

Collecting your sample is easy and it only takes a few minutes with our step-by-step instructions that come inside your box.

Review Your Report

After the lab receives your report and processes your water sample, you’ll receive an email to access your results electronically.

We're scanning millions of water quality data points so you don't have to.

Gain peace of mind knowing what’s in your water and start protecting your health.

Data that you don’t need a chemistry degree to understand.

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of where to go, how to understand and what to do when you find out what’s in your water. It's easier than ever to know what’s in your water that has a potential health risk and what might be affecting your water's smell, taste, or color.

Better Data. Better Health.

Your report will list contaminants found in your home, the levels of toxicity for you to watch and we will let you know which contaminants are out of range and have a negative impact on your health.

Why Test the Quality of Your Water?

Sewage Release

Farmland Irrigation

Manufacturing process

The water in the United States is considered to be some of the safest in the world, but your tap water can still contain a variety of contaminants that can affect your health. These contaminants might be chemicals from old pipes, industry, agriculture, and other sources, many times with no indicator of taste, color or smell. In addition, not all known contaminants are regulated by the EPA and even though authorities test at some local facilities, they don’t test the water that flows from your tap: the water that you drink, cook, and bathe your family with. With one simple, yet effective, home water test, you can know for sure if the water you use every day is safe. Our NSF (National Science Foundation) certified water test can give you the information necessary to make a positive impact on your health.

Aquagenuity is on a mission to map water quality down to the street level and provide home water testing to communities everywhere - so that you can confidently answer the question “What’s in my water?”.

Reviews from Guardians of H2O

Our customers are our heroes. Testing your water with us means you’re joining a community that’s dedicated to improving their health, protecting their community and saving the planet.

“Fast, accurate, professional and tons of cool benefits like treatment recommendations and health stuff.”
Seattle, WA Resident
"I chose Aquagenuity to test my water to help contaminates that may be impacting my health and battle with autoimmune disorders and because I know I'm helping my future grandchildren by doing my part to protect their future on this planet."
Vickie, Starkville, Ms
“Aquagenuity provided an invaluable service for putting my mind at ease about the potential contaminants in my water.”
Father, New York City

How healthy is your water?

7 out of 10 Americans are being impacted by some form of water contamination. But our systems are not set up to give us real-time notifications if something changes in our local water quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing from us means you’re part of something bigger. Testing your home’s water helps protect your health and helps us map water quality down to the street level to prevent water-related health crises.

What is an AquaScore™?

The AquaScore™ is a drinking water quality index based on a 0-100 scale. The higher your score the better. It’s designed to help make it easy for anyone to understand the current state of their local water.

Why was the AquaScore™ created?

We want to give individuals the information so that they can make the best decisions for their own health and the health of their families.

Where do the contaminant results come from?

The contaminant results come from the local public water systems that supply the zip code.

How can I get my water tested?

Visit our marketplace and select from a range of different testing options.
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